Gardens & Parks

North Entrance – 7th Street & Ocean Drive

Homeland Hero’s Remembered – 11th Street & Dune Drive

Jack B. Schwartz Little League Fields, Memorial Garden, at
12th Street & Dune Drive

Triangle – 700 Block of 21st Street

Business District Planters, Dune Drive, 19th—32nd Streets

Kite Girl Garden – 30th Street entrance to Avalon
contract w/ Garden Greenhouse

Community Hall – 30th St. & Avalon Ave. entrance/front garden

Senior Center – 31st Street & Dune Drive flower pot

Post Office – 32nd St. & Dune Dr. flower boxes and flag pole

Avalon School 32nd Street wall

History Center – 215 39th Street entrance flower pots

Tennis Complex – 39th Street entrance flower pots

Triangle – 5th Avenue & 42nd Street
Triangle – Pelican Drive & 42nd Street west

Avalon Bay Marina – 53rd Street & Ocean Drive sign
Avalon Bay Marina – 54th Street & Ocean Drive flower boxes

Judy Groff Community Garden – 67th Street & Dune Drive

Avalon Garden Club Memorial Garden at Armacost Park, at 74th Street & Ocean Drive

Grace M. O’brien – 8th Street & Ocean Drive gardens

Marion P. Armacost – 74th Street & Ocean Drive sign


Dune Drive Islands excluding the business district.