Our nation, as well as New Jersey, has been asked to refrain from mass gatherings. AGC will be complying with this request in an effort to do our part in our community. In making this decision we all hope we are able to reduce the risk of spreading the coronavirus. We will be informing you with any updates on AGCs upcoming events with any proposed measures to ease the burden during this time. This may mean the possible cancellation of several upcoming AGC Spring & Summer events as posted in the “Events Tab” of this Website. Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time and please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have by emailing us at:

Thank You,
Pat Coyle & Linda McCullough, AGC Co-Presidents,
and Board of Directors

Avalon Garden Club Fashion Show 2019

Avalon Garden Club History

The AGC was founded in 1976 by Mrs. Paul Austin, Mrs. Benjamin Jones and Mrs. James Zook for the purpose of beautifying Avalon. After several bi-monthly meetings the members began planting in 1977 at the 30th Street corner of Ocean Drive. Their next project was the Inlet at 7th and Ocean Drive in 1978.

To raise funds their first cocktail party was held that summer at the home of Grace O’Brien. For $5, members, neighbors and friends enjoyed hors’dóeuvres and two drinks. For the holidays they sold Poinsettias at the Holly Ball. For several years their spring fund raiser was to sell bags of mushroom soil from Kenneth Square, Pennsylvania. For the sale, they shoveled soil into canvas bags. They were truly dedicated gardeners. In the fall, they sold beautiful mums on Dune Drive at Sullivan’s.

During the holiday season, members would display fireplace mantels, a room or a decorated area in their homes. This, is believed, became the impetus for the Club’s annual Tour of Homes established back in 1991, and continued until 2011. It was the largest fundraiser. Today, the Fashion Show & Luncheon, Plant Sale, and Annual Borough Wide Yard Sale, are the Club’s current fund raisers.

Twenty seven years ago a committee was formed to give back to the community, thus Elsie Kuhn and Margaret Goodwin co-chairs, began the task of getting donations for what became the Kite Girl, on 30th & Ocean Drive. She was dedicated by Mayor Light twenty five years ago with many dignitaries attending. The Mayor thanked the Garden Club for the wonderful gift, and praised Mr. Gary Jacketti for his exceptional work.

We are very fortunate to have a greenhouse and a shed, given to the club by Mayor Pagliughi. All expenses paid by the borough. We have used it to the fullest for years. Most recently, the shed was fully replaced, and the greenhouse underwent a total renovation; durable plastic covering, work tables, and dirt floor replaced by concrete, with a water drainage system. Further, Mayor Pagliughi surprised the Club with a white pickup truck fully equipped with a water tank, making transporting plants and watering the islands, much easier on the gardeners.

Our appreciation goes to Mayors Armacost, Light and Pagliughi, the Club could not have accomplished its mission without their support.

To our dedicated gardeners who share their knowledge and the others who are anxious to learn and plant the islands on Dune Drive, as well as many parks, gardens and public building sites.

Thanks to our Presidents, and Volunteers for their years of service.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Offi­cers | 2019-2021

Offi­cers | 2019-2021

Left to Right.
Treasurer, Marie Gamble, Recording Secretary, Suzie Gallagher, Co-Presidents, Pat Coyle & Linda McCullough, Corresponding Secretary, Cheryl Mattson, 2nd Vice President, Anita Stenger, 1st Vice President, Irene Haas, Immediate Past President/Advisor, Ramona Sanabria

Joan Matthews

Joan Matthews, 1st VP, was installed during the June 2 Board Meeting. She has Chaired the Annual Flower Show for several years. Due to the pandemic, the Club was unable to officially install Joan and current officers at the Annual Officers Installation Luncheon. Irene Hass, the Immediate Past 1st VP, will continue her tenure in the Club as Membership Chair.